Forming new goals

Female rangatahi aged 16 years finding it difficult to think about any future goals, and the difficulty to engage in training, employment or school due to having transport restrictions and living in a remote area.

The rangatahi/youth coach worked alongside our young teen who was not optimistic about her future and struggled to find her own strengths thus leading her to goals she set for self.

In our engagement, the youth coach found she had a special connection to her grandfather who was a mechanic. 

The rangatahi reflected on how much fun she had working alongside him, which motivated her to explore her education and or employment options. 

The rangatahi, established that there was a training course through a local provider of which our teen met the criteria. 

Unfortunately, transportation to attend the course was an issue, but this did not demotivate the rangatahi from pursuing this goal. Currently, our rangatahi is looking for transport options, which this now forms one of her goals. 

The success is our teen can see a future for herself where once this was not their reality. 

Staying on track

Rangatahi was transferred to our services at the age of 16 years with basically nothing on his back. 

Rangatahi/Youth Coach could see that this rangatahi needed not only financial support but support with his physical and mental wellbeing and substance abuse. 

Our services provided him with support to obtain his license and also completed a CV which led to full time employment of which he is attending daily and still loves his job.

Engagement with our services promoted him to live a healthy lifestyle, helped him to manage the pressures of substance use and abuse particularly when he is around his peers. The rangatahi has exited our youth services and continues to work with his networks in the community to help him stay on track and achieve his goals.